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frequently asked questions

Does Synthetic Grass heat up in the sun?

Synthetic Turf will heat up under direct sunshine on a hot day. This will affect some products more than others, they are after all made from a synthetic plastic. The softer and more dense the turf filaments the more heat will be absorbed. Manufacturers are continually researching different ways in making the synthetic turf products cooler. There are ways to combat excess heat pickup such as- keeping the turf filaments brushed upright to reduce heat absorption, installing a sprinkler to partially cover an area if used on a hot day or choosing a product with a firmer yarn. Be sure to ask our salesperson about the heat pickup on each of our synthetic turf products.

Can water drain through the Synthetic Grass?

The backing mat of all our Synthetic Turf products has a perforated base to allow the water to drain through. These perforation holes are spaced to allow the water to dissipate at a similar rate to natural lawn.

How long will Artificial Turf last?

Our Synthetic Lawn is made with the highest quality products and come with a manufacturers warranty against fading from the suns UV rays. The Artificial Turf ideally should last, depending on traffic, around 15 or more years. Similar to carpet, the more traffic the more wearing will occur.

Is Synthetic Grass suitable for pets?

Synthetic Turf is child and pet friendly. Strict testing is carried out on all our products to ensure there are no metals or hazardous elements used in the production in the Artificial Turf.
If your pets use the grass as a toilet, just like paving, pick it up and hose it off clean. Throughout the dryer Summer months the turf will start to smell from urine, we have a new product called 'ECOFILL'.
This works by encapulating and trapping the odour with the granules which are then cleaned and regenerated by water. Ask our friendly team for more info.

What is Artificial Turf made from?

Our Turf products are made with polypropylene or polyethelene filaments stitched to a tough dual layer, rubber and latex woven backing.

Is Synthetic Grass flammable?

All our Synthetic Turf products are fire resistant. If a cigarette bud was to be dropped on the grass, the filaments in contact would slowly melt but the surrounding area will not ignite.

What maintenance is involved?

Once installed, Synthetic Turf requires minimal maintenance. Occasionally you may need to rake off the leaves or brush up the filaments with a hard bristle broom.

How much does Synthetic Lawn cost?

The initial cost of Synthetic Turf can be substantial, however over time the money saved in maintenance, mowing, weeding, watering etc. will more than pay for this innovative investment. We have discounts available for customers able to aid in the preparation of the site. The more you contribute the more money you will save. DIY pricing is available on our products page.

Is the installation of the turf difficult?

The Installation of the Turf is relatively easy and a great way to save money. Most of the hard work is in the correct preparation. With DIY sales, we offer an instruction manual with hints and tips to help you with the installation.


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